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DATA CENTER-Crowne Plaza

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Crowne Plaza

When we started making Crowne Plaza data centre we had a challenge in front of us that we had to house about 30 servers securely in a not very conducive environment of a five star hotel where fire water leakage rodents are a major threat to the IT operations. Irregular state power supply was another source of disruption from the IT services from time to time. As five star hotels have very small area for it’s maintenance and within the same area all services like large laundry unit, HVAC units, Chiller plants, multiple and large kitchens and a small place for keeping the servers safe, up and running 24*7*365 days without any failure.

Solution Design by Compton:-

To achieve this we were given about 3000 sq.ft. space for the data centre, about 1000 sq.ft for UPS room and 2000sq.ft. for the IT Executive and separate cabin for the IT Manager.

  • False Flooring : We maintained the data center raised flooring at 450mm so that a proper air flow for PAC is maintained. All the services which are to be delivered under the floor are at different heights. The ground zero is painted with two hour fire resistant paint from viper and then covered with insulation of grade 0(fire resistant).
  • Electrical system of data Centre : It is a type III data centre so there is not complete redundancy of resources. One of the major lacking is the redundancy of stable power source only one source of state power supply.
  • Emerson UPS : We used 2 numbers of Emerson 40KVA UPS in parallel with half an hour of battery backup. The ideal situation would be to have UPS working parallel in N+1 mode that means if for example you have a 70KVA load you should use two numbers of forty KVA UPS running in parallel mode and one 40KVA in standby which will become active only if there is a fault in one of the main UPS.
  • Water Leakage Panel : For this data center we used siemen’s water leakage panel connected to about 100 mtrs of sonte water leakage detection wire which is spread out all across the length and breadth of the data center.
  • Panels and their Placement : We placed all the panel i.e Water leakage, VESDA, Fire alarm, Gas flooding outside the data centre in IT executive room as they become easy to access and maintain also in case of emergency.
  • Fire safety and suppression system : Fire fighting is a very important service in a data center as it is a facility holding very important information and there is a big concentration of wires which are very prone to fire. For this purpose all the walls, windows and doors are made from fire resistant materials and covered with 2 hour fire resistant paint.
  • Precision Air-Conditioning(PAC) : We use N+1 configuration in PAC so if we need two units we will have one backup unit which will be switched on alternatively for an eight hour shift after which the other unit is switched on. This way it is very easy to maintain the air conditioners and also we get optimum cooling from every unit without deranging it.