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Data Security

Enterprise businesses and government agencies around the world face the certainty of losing sensitive data from a lost laptop, removable media or other plug-and-play storage device. This drives the need for a complete data protection solution that secures data on all common platforms, deploys easily, scales to any size organization and meets strict compliance requirements related to privacy laws and regulations.

Enterprise adopts many methods for securing their precious data which is vulnerable to thefts. Few of them are:-

Good Desktop Anti-virus

Good Desktop Firewall

Good gateway level firewall or UTM

Good Anti-SPAM device

Data loss prevention solution

Disc encryption solution

Compton deal with best solution in market

Data Backup Solution
Data Backup Solution
Data Backup Solution
Data Backup Solution
Data Backup Solution
Data Backup Solution

Check Point Endpoint Security solutions provide data protection for laptops, PCs, removable media and mobile devices. Our independently certified data security products ensure that our enterprise, government and law enforcement customers remain in compliance with regulatory standards. By leveraging a strong and efficient blend of full disk encryption, access control, removable media encryption and port management, Check Point Endpoint Security solutions deliver comprehensive data security.

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