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Managed Services

Managed Services

Compton is one of the leading  system integrator in India. An ISO 9001 company with Core expertise in IT, Film post production and  Broadcast solutions. Compton has done many turn-key projects, where it has integrated end-to-end solutions and  won many awards for its work. We Understand our clients requirements, design the solution, and optimize it. Right from designing, integration, optimizing and managing Compton follows a methodological approach complying to all ISO standards.

Understanding business loss due to downtime.

Defing service level agreement based on customer criticality and priority.

(Well defined help desk) Service delivery through certified,well trained,experienced engineers adhering to SLA'S defined to offer services to customer.

Our clients can call at any escalation level to expedite their service requirements in case of delay which they feed is beyond their torrence.

We can only close a call after receiving satisfactory customer feedback.Customer feedback one very criticise for our analysis.

We submit monthly end reports to every customer on performance of each and every service call against the defined SLA'S.