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SERVER - Crowne Plaza

designing data center

Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza being a five star hotel wanted to run their hotel management software and restaurant management software on a reliable layer of hardware. The challenges was also to backup the date to meet any un foreseen event. Promoters also wanted to keep our copy out side the hotel premises to provide more reliability.

Solution Design by Compton includes:

Compton designed the solution on 17 servers.

  • Two servers were used as interface servers,one for opera database server,one for opera standalone database server, one as application server, one for POS database server, one for Sun accounting, one as material management server, one for sales and catering server, one as microsoft exchange server, one as primery domain server, one for secondary domain, one as backup/file server, one as escape server, two for FCS winvoice server, one as multiple digital display server and one for storage tap drive.