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Structure Cabling - SANDHAR

designing data center


Sandhar went on to gradually add automotive locks and mirrors to its product range. Realizing the need for better quality control over child parts and economies of scale; it further expanded into manufacturing mirror plates, zinc die casting, plastic injection moulding, dies & moulds and body colored paint shops.
Sandhar faced major networking challenges due to poor state of cabling. Data frequently dropped and caused disruption in running the ERP. Internet was extremely slow and stopped frequently. All this resulted in major loss of revenue. Please refer to pictures.

Solution designed by Compton-
  • We studied the complete state of network. We discovered all the loose points and drafted a new designed which offered solution to all issues. We laid fiber wherever network stretched beyond 100 mtrs. Cat 5 was replaced with cat 6 Lan cable. All client ends were properly punched again with proper face plates and fresh I/O's. All racks were dressed properly again. Cables were properly managed, we took special care that no cables were visible and are in proper conceal and conduits. We installed gig layer 3 switches to ensure the network was robust and fully managed.
Benefit to customer-
  • All network related issues were sorted out instantly. Customer could concentrate on his core specialization rather than managing his IT. There was major boost to network speed and security. Internet speed improved drastically. ERP ran more smoothly ensuring undisrupted operation for Sandhar.