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Compton’s Designing Data Center Services are an enterprise-wide, consultative approach to help you manage mission critical environments. The services encompass the entire lifecycle, from assessment, strategy and design, to implementation and operational services. We give the client a Data Center that is state-of-the art and capable of meeting the most stringent demands.

Our Data Center Management helps design and manages data centers across heterogeneous platforms and supports these with global hosting capabilities. Our solutions optimize and consolidate the data center and its resources, leading to improved service levels and reduced cost of ownership.

Our Designing Data Center services include-
  • Electrical and UPS
  • Water Leakage Detection
  • Precision A/C
  • False flooring and Ramps
  • IT and Networking Racks
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Understanding the application, database and content
  • Space designing i.e. optimized use of real estate
  • Cooling system analysis as per BTU calculations
  • Communication and data cabling
  • Selection of equipments-Number and types of racks, Number of servers and their configuration, switches, storage devices, backup equipments.
  • Physical security
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Designing IT policy
  • Testing and follow up
  • Documentation
  • Mature service and delivery practices and security standards.
  • Powered by Tier 3+ data centers in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • These DATA centers are ISO 20000 -1 & 27001 certified.
  • World class infrastructure to co-locate your business critical IT equipment.
  • Various managed services options allow you to completely outsource to experts while you also concentrate on your core lines of business.
  • We also specialize in delivering Turnkey DATA center build out projects.
False Flooring
Electrical system of
data center:

Water Leakage Panel
Panels and their Placement:
Fire safety and suppression system

Precision Air-Conditioning(PAC)

Creating Data Center at Crown Plaza hotel at Rohini New Delhi

When we started making this data center we had a challenge in front of us that we had to house about 80 servers securely in a not very conducive environment of a five star hotel where fire water leakage rodents are a major threat to the IT operations. Irregular state power supply was another source of disruption from the IT services from time to time. As five star hotels have very small area for it’s maintenance and within the same area all services like large laundry unit, HVAC units, Chiller plants, multiple and large kitchens and a small place for keeping the servers safe, up and running 24*7*365 days without any failure. To achieve this we were given about 3000 sq.ft. space for the data center, about 1000 sq.ft for UPS room and 2000sq.ft. for the IT Executive and separate cabin for the IT Manager.

We divided this 3000sq.ft. of data center into three parts
  1. 450mm space below the raised floor.
  2. 2438mm space below false ceiling and raised flooring.
  3. 400mm space above false ceiling.
Entry to Data center (Access Control):

The data center entrance was given a wooden ramp with one step on one side. The ramp is a convenient way of moving the equipment in or out of data center. Steps provide a non slippery and easy way for people to walk in and out of data center. The data center entrance which is guarded by an eSSL biometric machine from Germany. This machine supports finger print read. FBAC F7A (F7A) is a standalone fingerprint T&A + Access Control system System, IN and OUT status, also low price with good performance, designed specially in the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products. It could store 1500 fingerprint templates and 50000 transaction records. To come out of data center there was another eSSL FBAC F7A (F7A), both these machines were connected to LAN for with access control software loaded on one central machine manning the entry into UPS room/ IT executive room as well as IT Manager room besides the data center. In other areas except data center have a bell switch to come out of the room. These machines are connected to EM Locks on the doors.


Designing Data center for Century Communication Limites


CCL is a multifaceted media and entertainment company with interest in television, radio, film, VFX, animation and other growing aspects of media and entertainment industry multifaceted. CCL provides a confluence of cutting edge creativity, state of art technology, best in class talent and professional approach in all its business interest.

The organization certainly faced challenge in terms of high cost of real estate, requirement of speed during process so that the wait time is reduced, huge power requirement, huge cooling requirement, no wonder huge capital requirement, infrastructure and skilled artist and more important faster and reliable advanced workstations.

Last but not the least, to maintain the quality and keep highly paid artists working instead of waiting around for images to render, CCL required a high performance Information technology.

Solution Designed by Compton

  • HP Blade servers
  • Hitachi storage solution
  • Force 10 enterprise switch
  • Electric work
  • Emerson Precision air conditioning
  • Systimax Intelligent cabling and Racks
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Water leakage, Physical security, Master rodent system
  • Emerson UPS

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Designing Data center for Nagarro

Nagarro is one of the finest Indian IT consulting, application development and Maintenance Company. They have core expertise in process consulting, business analysis and UX design, application development, application maintenance and business intelligence.


Nagarro faced challenges in offering services to its global services. The applications after test run had to be made available to customer through Nagarro's servers. The challenge was the environment from where the servers could be hosted. Frequent break- downs caused disruption in business continuity and caused damage to Nagarro's reputation and brand.

Key Requirement was to create an environment where business continuity could be ensured and help Nagarro to serve its customers best.

Solution Designed by Compton

  • Three critical elements had to be designed : Facility topology design (Space Planning), Engineering infrastructure design (Mechanical systems such as cooling and electrical systems including power) and technological infrastructure design (Cable management).
  • Compton had to design the redundancy levels keeping uptime guarantee of 99.9%.
  • Multiple independent distribution paths serving the IT equipment had to be created.
  • Redundant infrastructure capacity components were required to be deployed.
  • ALL IT equipment had to be with dual powered and fully compatible with the topology of site architecture.
  • Design is made to achieve 0 Down Time.
  • Telecommunication and data cabling system had to be designed to optimally manage all cables running throughout the data center.
  • Vesda was planned for early detection of the fire and NAF based fire suppression system was installed.
  • WLD was planned for Water leakage detection and Rodent was for Saving wires from Rat.

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