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Remote Monitoring Solution

Remote Monitoring Solution

Remote monitoring and control refers to a measurement of disparate devices from a network operation center or control room and the ability to change the operation of these devices from that control office

Compton Computers CCTV monitoring solution designed to help infrastructure management companies to reduce their operational expenses and improve security and safety of the site the solution also provide intelligent control of energy assets to save wasted energy. We concentrate on remote controlling of devices like AC, UPS, etc. to ease the service and maintenance.





Remote Controlling

Allert Classification

Very High

  • Theft or Break-in at ATM ---- Call to Customer
  • Unauthorized access---- Call to Customer


  • Machine Fault ---- Esclation to Customer
  • Suspicious Body Language ---- Try to control it by 2 way communication
  • Monitoring Error ----Escalation to our Technical Team
  • No Dispensation ---- Escalation to customer


  • Light out for few minutes ---- Mailed Alert Generated
  • Light out for few minutes ---- Call to Customer


  • Site Unclean ---- Escalation to House keeping Department of the Area

Features offered

  • Automated Controls of Electrical Devices
  • 24*7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Hooter based 1st level of Alert
  • Automated Alert Generation by Advance Analytics Software
  • Panic Button for Emergency
  • 2-Way Audio Communication
  • Event Logging
  • Reports like: Foot-fall, Monthly alerts Etc.
  • Sensor Based Alerts
  • Centralized Management
  • Routine Site Checkup by Vigilance Team
  • Highly reliable
  • Reports on Energy Usage and Power Outages

24*7 ATM Real time Monitoring Solution

Dedicated 24*7 In-house Monitoring Cell

Highly proactive software deployment for fault analysis.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytical capabilities.

Automated Alert System to avoid failures due to manual activities

Multiple Level of triggers for verification of Incidence to avoid False Alarm generation

Routine Site Check by Vigilance Team.

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