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Nagarro is one of the finest Indian IT consulting, application development and Maintenance Company. They have core expertise in process consulting, business analysis and UX design, application development, application maintenance and business intelligence.
Challenges:- Nagarro faced challenges in offering services to its global services. The applications after test run had to be made available to customer through Nagarro's servers. The challenge was the environment from where the servers could be hosted. Frequent break- downs caused disruption in business continuity and caused damage to Nagarro's reputation and brand.
Key Requirement was to create an environment where business continuity could be ensured and help Nagarro to serve its customers best.

Solution Design by Compton:-
  • Three critical elements had to be designed : Facility topology design (Space Planning), Engineering infrastructure design (Mechanical systems such as cooling and electrical systems including power) and technological infrastructure design (Cable management).
  • Compton had to design the redundancy levels keeping uptime guarantee of 99.9%.
  • Multiple independent distribution paths serving the IT equipment had to be created.
  • Redundant infrastructure capacity components were required to be deployed.
  • ALL IT equipment had to be with dual powered and fully compatible with the topology of site architecture.
  • Design is made to achieve 0 Down Time.
  • Telecommunication and data cabling system had to be designed to optimally manage all cables running throughout the data center.
  • Vesda was planned for early detection of the fire and NAF based fire suppression system was installed.
  • WLD was planned for Water leakage detection and Rodent was for Saving wires from Rat.