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From a modest beginning in 1972, to one of the India's largest integrated manufacturers of Pistons, Pins, Rings and Engine Valves, the history of SPR is a story of grit and determination. SPR employs 4000+ skilled employees, has an annual turnover of approx. US$176 million and has recently set up a second, most modern new Plant at Pathredi, next to Bhiwadi Industrial Area (Rajasthan), about 60 kms from Delhi, to expand capacity and to offer the latest technological products to all customers in India and abroad.
SPRL wants high business availability, the endever was to bulit reliable and robust infrastructure to host their mission on critical applications.

Solution Design by Compton

As per the challenges we suggest to bulit a high reliable, fexible & robust data center to run the critical applications on the servers. We covered following activities-

  • Electrical Work : MOUNTING HARDWARE 10'S
  • Civil work : Power Cord (6EA), Locking, C13 To C14, 0.6m
  • Access Control : PDU
  • Power Scope
  • Rack Installation
  • Fire Suppression and WLD
  • WLD Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Lighting and Access Control Plan
  • Elevation Plan