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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is an international socio-cum-spiritual non-profit organization, engaged in multi-faceted socio-spiritual initiatives and programs to benefit millions. Today, DJJS has a presence in over hundreds of nations. It is known as Divine Light Awakening Mission founded by Swami Ashutosh Maharaj ji in 1983.
With the vision as “From Self Awakening to Global Peace”, DJJS is spreading the "Brahm Gyan" concept which encourages the man to get initiated into practical knowledge of God.
The core IT objectives of the Sansthan Having a fully secured network from the external threats and from the unauthorized access.

Solution Design by Compton

For protecting data, such as a database, from destructive forces and the unwanted actions of unauthorized users, compton provide the following:-

  • Disk encryption:- Disk encryption refers to encryption technology that encrypts data on a hard disk drive. Disk encryption typically takes form in either software (see disk encryption software) or hardware (see disk encryption hardware).
  • Hardware-based mechanisms for protecting data
  • Backups:- Backups are used to ensure data which is lost can be recovered and now a days it's very important to keep a backup of any data.
  • Data masking:- Data Masking of structured data is the process of obscuring (masking) specific data within a database table or cell to ensure that data security is maintained and sensitive information is not exposed to unauthorized personnel. This may include masking the data from users, developers, outsourcing vendors, etc.
  • Data erasure:- Data erasure is a method of software-based overwriting that completely destroys all electronic data residing on a hard drive or other digital media to ensure that no sensitive data is leaked when an asset is retired or reused.