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designing data center


Century communication limited is a multifaceted media & entertainment company with interests in television, film, Radio, VFX & animation and other entertainment industry.
CCL provides a confluence of cutting edge creativity, state of art technology, best in class talent and professional approach in all its business interests.
They were looking for a Lowest power consumption solution and Virtualization aware platform.

Compton solution on extreme switches:
  • 99.9 % uptime guaranteed to customer due to unique modular operating system (exos) and hit failover feature on supervisory card.
  • Configured NAC (Network authentication and control) feature to give identity manage-ment enabling seamless connectivity to au-thentic users across the globe and restrict ac-cess to unauthorized users to enter the net-work for security reason.
  • Creation of multiple VLAN’s to prevent large broadcast storm within the domain.
  • Inter VLAN routing for multiple VLAN com-munication and configured access-list to pre-vent inter VLAN communication.
  • Configured STP for link redundancy.
  • Configured 10GBPS connectivity to servers.
  • Configured 20 GBPS connectivity to storage in multimode architecture. All workstations are connected on 1 gig.
  • The solution has provide maximum scalabil-ity of 1 gig and 10 gig in single chassis. ( 768-1 gig and 192 -10 gig).
  • Most reliable and stable data center centric solution in the enterprise segment.
  • Virtualization aware platform.