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designing data center


Century communication limited is a multifaceted media & entertainment company with interests in television, film, Radio, VFX & animation and other entertainment industry.
CCl provides a confluence of cutting edge creativity, state of art technology, best in class talent and professional approach in all its business interests.
Challenges:- CCL wanted huge compute power for image rendering purpose. Once a film frame is edited, compute power is required for rendering of image at a high speed or else it would result in loss of revenue and expensive editors time. And want high availability of IT infrastructure so that artists enjoy working and business continuity is maintained.

Solution Design by Compton includes:
  • Over 250 high-end HP Graphic workstations.
  • Over 300HP blade servers.
  • Complete data center design and integration.
  • Intelligent cabling solution - Systimax.
  • Active Networking with Enterprise switch from Force 10 – E 1200.
  • Hitachi HNAS storage solution.
  • Distribution layer switches from HP Procurve.
  • HP DL server and IS mail for mail management.
  • Domain and ADC on HP DL servers.
  • HP DL server for antivirus server.
  • IP based remote monitoring for temperature and humidity.