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Compton specializes in IT solutions and services with pan India Operations. Our key and core specialization is IT system integration.We follow business work-flow starting from understanding customer needs, designing the right and effective solution for him, on time and qualitative deployment, optimization for maximizing on return on investment and proactive management ensuring peace of mind.

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Core Specialization


Virtualization offers great savings and convenience to CTO’s and CFO’s who are worried about reducing the operational costs. For knowing how Compton’s Innovative strategy can help you kindly .. read more

Data Security

Enterprise Networking scenarios has changed completely in last decade, Kindly read more to know how Compton can help you with your BYOD, Managed Networks and SDN initiatives….. read more

Data Storage

As the world is seeing enormous increase in the digital data size, please read more to know how Compton is help it’s clients to reduce their storage requirement by using De Duplication, Compression, Dynamic Snap shots etc…… read more


Security is a key area of attention of any Enterprise eyeing to grow dynamically. We at Compton take pride to be part and pioneers of this revolution. Please read to know about our strategic alliances.. read more

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Compton - Your One Stop IT Solution Hub in Delhi NCR

Compton is a one-stop IT solution hub based in Delhi NCR that specializes in IT migration service, system integration consulting, and data storage solutions. We take pride in being one of the top IT solution and service centres in the entire country. We follow business work-flow that includes various aspects ranging from understanding customer needs, designing the right and effective solution for them, on time and qualitative deployment, optimization for maximizing on return on investment, and proactive management ensuring peace of mind.

Our IT Migration Services

Our specialized IT migration services in Delhi NCR provides you with the proficiency to reduce the time for marketing and reaping the benefits more rapidly from your new or upgraded platform. We assure you that our IT migration services will minimize the risks associated with the project as smoothly as possible with our expertise and experience. We plan everything carefully to ensure that there are no outages or data loss during the migration process. We are experts in IT migration services, trust us!

Our System Integration Consulting Services

Our system integration consulting services in Delhi NCR help your clients drive business and technical results from their IT stacks effortlessly. With our system integration services, we make an organization more connected. Moreover, our system integration services enable us to pick up the pace of implementation while reducing the risks and costs of global employment. With us, you will realize the best benefits of your technology investments as we align IT services with your business goals and strategies seamlessly.

Our Data Storage Solution

We take pride in being a top data storage solution company in Delhi NCR. What brings us this title is our superior data storage solutions. We offer a range of data storage solutions that include:

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Network-Attached Storage devices are best for offering redundancy via RAID technology, mainly when hard drive failures occur. It means that you can use multiple hard drives to backup your data. In case any of these hard drives fail, there will be another hard drive available to take over your backups.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Storage Area Network enables you to pool your data storage and allocate exactly what each server seeks dynamically. It enables you to spend less on the drive for your servers and use the space on your SAN more resourcefully.

Unified Storage Solutions

Unified storage systems deployment takes away the guesswork associated with planning for file and blocking storage capacity separately. It also offers users a choice to store their virtual machine (VM) data without buying SAN and NAS capacity separately!

Want to know more in detail about how we offer you comprehensive IT solutions to enhance your business operations? Get in touch with us!

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